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The Club



Ready to take a load off? Come enjoy the company of friends or a beautiful stranger at LeBistro. Have a seat and chill or enjoy a game of pool while sipping your favorite cocktail. We provide the utmost comfort when those dancing feet just need a little break.


This lounge also provides access to our patio and smoking area.



Rough week at the office? It’s time to drink and dance your blues away! From dusk ‘till dawn, the DJ is bringing you the latest and greatest in today’s dance hits. All you need is a cocktail in hand and feet ready to dance because we are ready for you!



At 11:30 PM one of four monthly drag shows will take you on a ride of illusions and confusions unlike anything you have ever seen before. These kings and queens will leave you blushing, giggling, and just a little speechless. Have those dollars ready to tip, because they will be "WERKING" it out for YOU!

Once this cast of leg kickers and side splitters have let you have it, it’s then your turn to tear it up! After the show, the DJs of 701 are taking over and spinning the hottest in Top 40 and Hip Hop so you can dance until the break of day.

Content Credit: The writing content on this page credited to Michael Coty.

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